To better address your needs, we ask that you help us determine the reason for your first visit at our clinic. Below, you will find the different appointment categories for your initial visit:

1) Full Exam – This appointment includes a thorough examination of the mouth and its surrounding structures, taking the necessary x-rays (full mouth x-rays) to aid in the exam, teeth cleaning ( if due ) and fluoride treatment. By the end of this visit, we will have a treatment plan presented to you. We also try to explain and answer your questions as much as we can . This usually requires 1-1.5 hour visit.

2) Immediate Care Visit – The goal for this appointment is address one specific concern that you may have that has caused you pain or discomfort. The exam will be limited only to a problem area or tooth in question. Limited x-ray ( problem focused may be just one or two radiographs) and treatment (if time and condition permits). Our focus is to get you off your discomfort. Usually 45 min to 1 hour visit.

3) Consult or Second Opinion Visit – On occasion, you may want to get an opinion regarding your dental health or find out what other treatment options are available to reach your goals. We can offer our expertise on the matter and try to answer your questions. Typically, this will be a 30 minute visit, depending on your issues.